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Master Climate Solutions the best climate for work.

Master Climate Solutions is a registered brand of Datnherm Group.  Master Climate Solutions produces: mobile heaters, cabinet heaters, dehumidifiers, ventilators, coolers and air conditioners.

Dantherm Group, with HQ in Denmark, is present in 13 countries with a subsidiary, including: Denmark, UK, Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain, Emirates, Sweden, China, Russia, Norway. Dantherm S.p.A. is located in Verona  Italy and the company in Italy is engineering and manufacturing Master Climate Solutions.

A team of experienced engineers works full-time on the design and development of new products. Dantherm S.p.A. designs and manufactures mobile heaters, coolers, ventilators and dehumidifiers with the utmost reliability and safety standards, according to the most recent and rigorous European Standards and Certification Requirements of the most prestigious Quality Control and Homologation Institutes such as TUV and DVGW. Dantherm S.p.A. is ISO9001: 2015 certified.

Heating and ventilation of large manufacturing and storage facilities is usually very costly. Installing and using a traditional heating system is usually expensive and not very effective. Hot air heaters allow to quickly and effectively heat up large areas, ensuring constant influx of hot air as well as proper circulation. A wide selection of models running on different types of fuel allow to heat up both larger areas and selected areas, for example individual workspaces (this also includes heating of specific spots).

The heater product offer by Master is complemented by ventilators and dehumidifiers which allow to maintain the desired, comfortable climate in storage and manufacturing facilities. A noteworthy addition is the modern evaporative air conditioning system, perfect for use in large industrial facilities.



Master Mobile Heaters


Master Dehumidifiers


Master Air Coolers


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Head Office

Armenia, 2206, Kotayk Province, Abovyan 
Haghtanak St., 40 Building

Office in Yerevan

Armenia, 0018, Yerevan
Movses Khorenatsu St., 112/1 Building

(Kentron adm. district)

+374 95 65 54 74

+374 96 50 12 02

+374 98 40 19 45

+374 222 60204


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